IDC Preparation

The programme begins with a discussion and is run to your needs. This fun programme is primarily designed to help candidates refresh their diving skills and dive theory prior to the IDC but this is flexible depending on your needs.

A typical Programme

  • We will review in detail the topics that make up the dive theory exams:
    • Physics
    • Physiology
    • The Recreational Dive Planner
    • Equipment
    • General Skills & the Diving Environment.
  • During the Confined Water session we will review all the skills of PADI skill circuit, focusing on your demonstration abilities and run a rescue workshop where we can make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the rescue exercise of unconscious diver at the surface, both Mouth to Pocket Mask and Mouth to Mouth

Further information


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An instructor's eye view

The blog will keep you up to date on what it takes to be a PADI instructor and new developments.